About Stawi Advisory

Stawi started out in 2015 as a Team Building company. We were the first company to introduce Bubble Football into the country and were aptly called “Bubble Foota.” However, listening and paying keen attentive to our customers needs has seen us transform our offering – from one service (team building) in 2015 to 4 strong service offerings.

We are Kenya’s first Employee Experiential Agency. We help all kinds of businesses create experiences that increase employee engagement, experience, improve understanding of your goals, enhance communication, productivity and eventually commitment.

Our clients are business leaders and HR managers or directors like yourself who want to balance between maintaining profitability, envisioning and motivating their staff, and ensuring staff engagement levels are high. They are individuals looking for new methods, fresh ideas that enable them to meet their goals and targets – something out of the ordinary to capture the minds of the new and modern-day employee.

Stawi's Impact


A business that has everybody connected to their purpose, people, and culture, moves faster and gets more done. We help you achieve connection through events, team building, our events application, gifts and merch (company swag) and even some aspects of internal communications.


If your people are constantly learning, and updating their skills then there is no goal that you cannot achieve. We help upskill and challenge teams to do their best work through designing creative learning environments (1) digitally with learning management systems and (2) in person through training, and gamification.


A business that has everyone rowing in the same direction is unstoppable. So, we utilize internal communications, team engagement and events to create a powerful narrative that has everyone moving towards the same direction.

Our Brands

Stawi Experiences

Stawi Experiences is our brand focused on helping companies unlock their fullest potential. The brand does this by empowering your brand, prioritizing a winning employee experience, focusing on Connection, Empowerment, and Alignment.
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On Tuziidi you can find the latest team engagement and experience products. It also connects you with the best conference, meeting, and recreation venues for your business to take advantage of. We’ve got more than 300 different experiences for you to choose from.
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