Who We Are

Stawi Advisory is Kenya’s first Employee Experiential Agency, offering a variety of services for the modern business.

Our clients are business leaders and HR managers or directors like yourself who want to balance between maintaining profitability, envisioning and motivating their staff, and ensuring staff engagement levels are high. They are individuals looking for new methods, fresh ideas that enable them to meet their goals and targets – something out of the ordinary to capture the minds of the new and modern-day employee.

We are full service creative agency dedicated to increasing employee engagement and employee experience, find more about our four key capabilities below.

Learn more about our four strong service offerings

Stawi Advisory is the East and Central Africa affiliate of the largest team building network in the world – Catalyst Global. Beyond working for over 70% of the world’s largest brands, 2019 saw us and our fellow affiliates sell 4071 team building products worldwide with over 300,000 participants! From Virtual Reality Activities, Tablet based Business Games, and several other outstanding indoor and outdoor activities, we have lots to offer you and your team.


Virtual and Remote Activities

Because of the Coronavirus team building has to go virtual and remote. In the last few months we have worked together as a network of partners around the world to develop excellent virtual and remote team building activities – many of which are a world’s first! When each team member is working from home, team building activities can be useful to connect and have fun together, as well as develop vital soft skills that are important for remote teams to be effective.

Hybrid Activities

There is a new norm in how we work. Some work remotely at least most of the time, while others work from the office. A hybrid team is one that has some people working from home and others working from one or more office locations. Our Hybrid Activities are designed so that those working in the same physical space have the opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits of interacting face-to-face. They also are designed specifically to include in the team one or more people who are working from a different location, whether that is from a separate office or home.

Physically Distanced

Restrictions have been eased and it is exciting that we can connect again within the same space in live events and activities together. We’re social creatures and connecting face-to-face is part of being human. We have put together a variety of engaging programs where despite being in the same location you can still participate while you keep the recommended distance from your colleagues. In these activities we avoid game materials and handouts that need to be passed between participants. And we avoid anything where you have to get up close!

Remote Team Building Activities

Creative Team Building Activities

Learner and Thinker Team Building Activities

Explorer Team Building Activities

Charity Team Building Activities

Fitness Junkies Team Building Activities

Internal Communication is the glue that brings everything together – it is how you ensure that employees interact with your values, deeply understand their roles, have a clear idea of where the company is headed and appreciate the effects of new attitudes and behaviors. However our comms strategy also enables you to measure and understand your employees’ attitudes, feedback, levels of motivation and satisfaction.

We enable you to effectively communicate through infographics, videos, animation, executive presentations, print and digital designs, microsites and even internal marketing campaigns or value launches.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and stay at home orders, if you are interested in effectively communicating with your team. Giving hope, direction, health and safety advice along with reminders that your mission, vision and values are very much alive. Click the button below and get in touch with us.

Internal Communications Strategy

Purpose & Values Communication

Digital and Print Content Development

Campaign Strategy & Planning

Employee Value Proposition

Internal Brand Development

Use technology and modern approaches to give yourself a competitive advantage by upskilling your employees and develop key competencies that help them collaborate better, work smarter and be more productive.

Training must move beyond the old – projector, power point slides for it to be effective. Our approach is centered on a belief that we should train for transformation and not information. And as a result, our approach is 50% Gamification (Business Games), 30% Training Conversation with slides, 10% Reflection and Discussion, and then 10% in depth stories and case studies.

Our key areas of competence are in helping organizations improve their cultures and work environments and add skills that give them a competitive advantage. These areas include intrapreneurship, leadership, soft skills, interpersonal skills, employee growth that enables you to fill in skill gaps and overcome weaknesses, increase job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover – which is expensive in the long run.

If you are interested in productively using the downtime caused by COVID-19 stay at home orders to train and re-equip your staff get in touch with us. We have a variety of training modules, virtual business games and products that will add value and energize your teams.

Gamification & Training Game Design

Change Management Training

Experiential Learning Course Design

Custom Training Courses

Events are a great way to inspire, capture attention and interact with your staff. Get ready for visually appealing event spaces and tools that boost participant engagement for whatever event of your choosing. From Corporate Conferencing, Town Halls, Sports Days, Welcome Parties, Christmas Parties, Company Celebrations and Commemorative Events, Supplier and Partner Events, we have got you covered.


Stawi offers 360 degree event management, from invites, Audio Visual, lighting, staging, event production, hosts and hostesses to content development. We go a step further and provide a variety of participant engagement solutions – helping you pass on lessons or have your participants interact with your content in a fun, memorable and impactful manner.

Experience Design and Concept

Audio Visual & Lighting

Event Production

Event Management

Participant Engagement

Content Development & Capture

Our Values

Customer Fixation

We love our customers and are passionate about their vision. We focus on adding value, enabling them to meet their goals and being impactful.

Product Excellence

We believe in Quality - what we do we do excellently. We seek to be the best and to deliver a WOW EXPERIENCE through great service.

Founders Mentality

We thrive on change and lead the way, put in the work and do more with less. We are agile, restless and move fast, and are passionate about what we do.

Collective Genius

We leverage on collective genius and frequently collaborate. Our team members each deliver and believe, that ``if it is to be, it is up to me.`` We are honest and accountable to one another, committed to being Hungry, Humble and Smart.

Have Lots of Fun

We believe that life is an adventure that is supposed to be enjoyed. We want to create lasting memories of fun, creative, passionate and meaningul moments with our collegues and customers.
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